The Treatment

I practise a gentle form of Cranio Sacral Therapy where I place my hands gently on the clients body or head.  The client is fully clothed and if comfortable would normally lie facing the ceiling on a treatment couch.

I tune into the body allowing me to feel what is going on in the clients energy system.  This could take my attention to physical restrictions, visceral sensations, the nervous system, the endocryne system or any other relevant system.  By engaging in this gentle way with your body, it allows your energy to express itself, be heard and be released if that is appropriate.

During the treatment clients may experience some trickling sensations or gentle releases around the body.  Some clients become sleepy, and even fall asleep.  We are all unique with how we feel and respond to treatment, but it should feel gentle and supportive.

After treatment you may feel tired or a sense of calmness.  Sometimes emotions can arise during or after a treatment.  I would recommend you are kind to yourself after treatment and drink plenty of water to allow your system to integrate the treatment.